Getting old not only takes a toll on your loved one’s body, but can also take a toll on your peace of mind. As you worry about their days while you’re at work, you can have a hard time not thinking about the potential of bad things happening to your loved one. As daily tasks become harder for them as they get older, the independence that once used to come with life is slowly diminished, leaving a void for personal fulfilment in your elderly loved one. Fortunately, if they’re on Medicaid, there is a way to bring back both empowerment for them and peace of mind for you — this comes in the form of a CDAP personal assistant. This personal assistant, who can be a family member, friend or neighbor, can get paid through Medicaid to help out with daily tasks or needs of your elderly loved one in the form of a personal caregiver. Let’s look at what a CDPAP personal caregiver can do to empower your elderly loved one with individuality, and you with peace of mind.

Assistance When Needed

One of the many benefits of a CDPAP personal assistant is the ability of your elderly loved one to choose the schedule for which they can be given care. Contrary to having to work your loved one’s schedule around that of a caregiver, a CDPAP personal assistant works with the schedule of the patient, ensuring that it is always convenient and gives them the power over their day again. They have the ability to set their care schedule, as well as direct how and when their plan of care is managed. This allows the patient to get the assistance when they need it the most, whether it be in the morning, afternoon, night, or multiple times during the day.


The power of CDPAP is the unique ability for the elderly to manage their care and make decisions on their own. This allows them to feel a sense of empowerment in their lives again, as they have the choice to get assistance when it’s most convenient for you, as well as reclaim independence living at home. Sometimes the hardest tasks of the day may be going to the store or cleaning up the house, but with a CDPAP personal assistant, all of those chores can be completed so your loved one can live in the comfort of their own home.


Getting a caregiver from an agency can sometimes be worrisome to a family, as you are trusting a complete stranger to watch your loved one. Though it may be from a reputable company, there is still the worry that naturally stems from the fact that there is someone else, unknown to your loved one and their individual needs, caring for them. With the CDPAP personal assistant chosen by the patient, and is a friend, neighbor or family member, you can have the peace of mind knowing that the person caring for your loved one is someone you trust — or it can even be you if you have the time to do so!


The CDPAP program through Medicaid allows your elderly loved one choose the caregiver they feel as if would best work with their needs and interests. This option allows them to choose a family member, neighbor or friend to assist them, and gives them the control over an aspect in their life. This can be a positive influence in both their mindset and outlook on life.

Receiving The Care They Need

By using the CDPAP personal assistant, you can rest assured knowing that your loved one is getting the care they need. Whether it be grocery shopping, or just simply assisting with chores around the home, you can have the peace of mind knowing that they are receiving the care they need.

If you’re worried about your elderly loved one on Medicaid and their ability to live independently, check out the CDPAP program by LifeCare Advantage. We help those in the Brooklyn and New York City area get the care they need, and provide the peace of mind for those family members who worry about them.
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