Everyone understands that exercise is important to a healthy life, but does it benefit the elderly? Many studies have proven that it does and can have amazing impact on emotional, physical, and mental health. While your loved one doesn’t need to train for an intense marathon or weight-lifting competition, it’s important to find age-appropriate exercises for your beloved senior citizen so he or she can enjoy range of movement, better muscle tone, and reduced joint stiffness as he or she ages. If you need help with daily activities then you can choose a friend or family member to care for you under the CDPAP program if you qualify. We at LifeCare Advantage, LLC offer quality and excellent care for our clients and are one of the leading Medicaid CDPAP programs in New York State. Contact LifeCare Advantage, LLC to learn more about the CDPAP program today!

Benefits of Exercise for Senior Citizens

Spending 20-30 minutes per day exercising can better an elderly individual’s life immensely. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved healing: older individuals often experience falls and wounds that can take months to heal. Regular exercise can improve healing functions by as much as 25 percent. Further, a healthy body can fend off infections and illnesses better than a body that is routinely sedentary.
  • Better cardiovascular functioning: Heart health is important to older individuals, especially because the heart muscle can atrophy, just like the other muscles in your body. Strengthening this muscle is vital to enjoying energy, regulating blood pressure, fending off heart disease, and experiencing better bodily functions overall.
  • Enhance bone health: This is especially a concern for senior women, and making sure to exercise daily can improve your bone health and reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis or experiencing bone fractures and breaks.
  • Boost the metabolism: While an elderly person may not be super concerned with his or her weight, regular walks or gym classes can improve his or her metabolism and even boost appetite.
  • Elevate mood: Physical activity releases “feel-good hormones”, which act as mood-boosters and can reduce stress and worry. It’s a powerful way to relieve and manage the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and grief.

A Few Age-Appropriate Methods of Exercise

Making time to exercise is important and should be completed every day. If your loved one benefits from a schedule and having tasks to complete, an hours of exercise will be surely welcomed by a senior individual who needs something to do during the day.

  • Walking: An easy and free activity, daily walks can be taken outside if the weather permits, and with friends, a caregiver, or a family member. The sunshine, fresh air, and change of scenery can have a hugely positive effect on your loved one’s mood and outlook, and enjoying the company and conversation will allow the senior citizen to get some social interaction into his or her day, which can be essential if he or she lives alone at home.
  • Yoga or Tai Chi: These are gentle practices that will strengthen and lengthen muscle while reducing stress and bringing a sense of well-being to the individual. Your elderly loved one will feel relaxed and rejuvenated after each session, and either practice is gentle on the body and can be modified to work with joint issues.
  • Swimming: If your loved one struggles with balance, swimming is great choice. Swimming is gentle on the body but also acts as excellent resistance for muscle growth and toning. Your senior relative can also participate in water aerobics if he or she would like to vigorously exercise but struggles with joint stiffness and limited mobility.

Exercise is a valuable and needed activity for every person, and is especially essential for senior citizens. It can truly help an elderly individual experience a better quality of life and enjoy multiple activities as he or she continues to age. Help your loved one take care of his or her body, mind, and emotions by encouraging at least half an hour of physical activity during the day. If you’re searching for an excellent and highly rated at-home care program, you need to call LifeCare Advantage, LLC. We proudly offer incredible CDPAP services for our clients in Brooklyn, New York and the rest of New York State. Call our staff today for more information!