Old age can result in your body not twisting, turning, or functioning in ways like it used to. This a sad, but real, part of becoming an elder. Though your mind may still be sharp, your body could be struggling. To help strengthen your mobility, as well as encourage you to become more physically active, doing some simple stretches and exercises can really help in giving your body the strength and exercise necessary to maintain mobility. With the CDPAP Program by LifeCare Advantage, you are paired with a personal assistant of your choice who understands your limits, your interests, as well as your overall health condition. Because of this close-knit, very personal connection with your CDPAP personal assistant, you can rest assured knowing that you won’t be pushed too hard or given too much slack when it comes to implementing some stretching exercises into your daily or weekly schedule. In this post, we’re going to explore some exercises that work with limited mobility, whether you’re only capable of stretching in a chair or capable of standing up on your own.

limited-image1Don’t Say You Can’t

Having limited mobility or restricted to a wheelchair does not mean that you are unable do some necessary stretches for your body. When exercising and stretching, your mood gets energized, your self-esteem is boosted and you have a better overall sense of well-being as your body releases endorphins. Though you may think you’re body can’t, it is important to know that you can. The benefits of getting your body moving and releasing endorphins are immense, and it is imperative to remind yourself that your body can still exercise or stretch, you may just need to add in some modifications.


Now that we explored how you can still exercise with old age, let’s explore some of the basic cardio exercises you can perform to enhance your health. Simply speaking, cardio helps your body by increasing your endurance and heart rate. Getting outside and simply taking a stroll of your neighborhood or local park is both a good way to get some sunshine, as well as get a little bit of necessary cardio implemented into your day. Also, doing some water exercises, like water aerobics or aquajogging, is another incredible cardio exercise. Exercising in water has immense benefits for those with limited mobility as it helps with supporting the body, and has less strain on your muscles and joints.


Strength Training

Maintaining your strength is imperative to help ensure that you can help your body be the best version of itself through the various strength training exercises available to you. This can help you with simple tasks that may get harder as you get older, such as writing, eating, lifting, and so forth. To combat this, a great strength training exercise you can modify to reflect your body’s capabilities is utilizing a resistance band. This can help strengthen your arms, shoulders, and back through some simple resistance band exercises. You can also use this around your legs to gain some strength in the lower part of your body as well. This can help build muscle and bone mass, help prevent falls that lead to injuries, and improve balance. Some other exercises may be chair exercises, where you utilize your seated position and move your arms back and forth like you would in an aquajogging cardio class. This gets your blood moving in your arms, as well as help with your overall mobility.


Keeping your flexibility and range of motion is very important in maintaining mobility, even if it is limited. There are a variety of yoga moves that can be modified to fit your ability, like simply stretching up in the air, then rotating to each side, and down to your toes (reaching as far as you can without causing discomfort). Tai Chi is another great stretching and flexibility exercise that can be modified to your specific needs, as well as be completed while sitting down. It is important to try and stretch each part of your body, even though you may have limited mobility in that area.

Getting old can not be fun, but adapting to the limits of your body because of your age is an important way to help keep you strong and maintain proper range of motion. With enrolling in CDPAP, your homecare personal assistant is someone you know, trust, and understands your personal needs. By doing some of these exercises with them, or alone by yourself, can help you gain the empowerment necessary to continue to live a prosperous and healthy life.

Contact us today if you have any questions and visit our website to learn more! LifeCare Advantage is ready to help you empower your life again, and our Medicaid CDPAP program can help you get started with that!