Becoming dependent can have quite a few adverse effects on your quality of life and living style. You become more reliant on others, can’t do simple things around your home, and feel like you are no longer in control of your life. Fortunately, LifeCare Advantage has an answer to getting your life back in your own hands. The CDPAP program is a unique Medicaid program that allows you to manage your care and make decisions based on your own individual needs by giving you a personal assistant you personally know and trust. In this blog post, we’re going to explore what exactly the CDPAP Program is.

CDPAP, also known as Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, is a NY statewide medicaid program that allows you to get home care services. Now, what makes CDPAP different from other home care services comes in the form of you having the power over your care. You can choose who your personal assistant is, like a friend, neighbor, or family member. This choice empowers you to choose an assistant to whom you have close personal relationships with and fosters the necessary trust that is an essential part of quality home care. This takes out of the orthodox way of assigning a home care assistant or agency that chooses, selects, and manages the care for you. You can have the relief and peace of mind knowing that you are being cared for by someone you know and trust, rather than just a stranger assigned to help accommodate your needs. This also helps out your friend, neighbor, or family member with some part-time pay for assisting you with what they sometimes may already assist you with.

Now, you may wonder if you are eligible for the CDPAP Program. Well, if you are an elderly or disabled individual on medicaid, you are most likely eligible to receive home care assistance through the CDPAP program. Furthermore, if you are eligible for personal care, certified home health care, private duty nursing, other waiver programs, or have a stable medical condition, according to the NY Health Access, you are able to enroll in the CDPAP program.

The benefits of the Medicaid CDPAP program are threefold when it comes to giving you personalized, custom home care services. Unlike most home health care services, you are acquainted with personal assistant of your choice, as they are either a friend, neighbor, or family member, erasing the unnecessary discomfort you may feel by not being able to openly and effectively communicate with your home care assistant. This way, they are aware of what your preferences and special needs are, offering you the most personalized home care assistance possible. Furthermore, you are in control of your schedule, so you don’t have to accommodate what your needs are to fit the time restraints from a home care assistant. This empowers you to regain a sense of independence. Also, because your home care personal assistant isn’t helping you with specific medical treatments like tracheostomies, your trusted friend, neighbor, or family member does not have to sit through the time-intensive classes and programs it takes to become a certified home care assistant. They simply just have to be someone you trust, choose, and know can help you with the simple, yet hard tasks of living what used to be a normal life.

If you are interested in the CDPAP program by getting your friend, neighbor, or family member as a personal assistant, view LifeCare Advantage’s website to learn more and see what we can help do for you. If you’re curious to see how it worked out for others, view our testimonials page.

Don’t wait to get the personalized care you need. Use Medicaid to its fullest potential and get your CDPAP personal assistant today!

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