Having limited mobility can be a big damper on your life, as you struggle to do what used to be simple tasks in your life. With limited mobility, you may feel like you don’t have much control in your life or you may feel you aren’t having fun in your life anymore. At LifeCare Advantage, your CDPAP personal assistant is fortunately your friend, neighbor, or family member. This means they understand your limits, but also understand what you thoroughly enjoy doing. In this blog, we’re going to explore some activities that stimulate you physically or emotionally to remind yourself that even though you may be limited in what you’re doing in life, you still have the power and ability to have fun with certain activities.

Go Out

Though you may not move fast, getting some fresh air and walking can give you a multitude of physical and mental benefits. Physically, if you are able to, walking helps you keep the mobility that you still have and it strengthens your muscles to help you maintain as good of health as possible. It also helps protect you from diseases that arise from being sedentary, such as heart disease or diabetes. Mentally, getting some fresh air and sunshine can really improve your mindset and outlook on life. Soaking up some sun can give you vitamins, such as Vitamin D, that provide calcium and phosphorus absorption. Furthermore, it can remind you of the simple beauties of life and the world around you.

Pick Up a Puzzle

Doing a puzzle, alone or with the help of your CDPAP personal assistant, is a great way to strengthen your memory and brain function. This keeps your mind stimulated, while solving problems first-hand. This is a good way to stay busy while indoors, as well as remind you that your hard work can pay off to solve a challenge. Doing a puzzle can also be a great social tool for the elderly, as it crosses the bridge of any age gaps. Furthermore, puzzles help with simple motor skills, like sliding and places puzzle pieces as it helps with holding objects like forks for eating or a pen for writing.



Tell Stories

Some of the greatest lessons people can learn come from those who have lived through and experienced life. If there is one benefit that comes with aging, it’s the growth of your wisdom and knowledge of the world and life. Simple conversation and storytelling helps strengthen memory and mental strength. This allows you to recall moments that have brought you insight, knowledge, or lessons learned the hard way, and it also engages you in a stimulating conversation. This is a great way to rediscover some of the meanings and lessons of your life, as well as provide an avenue for people to connect with you.


Whether it’s knitting, painting, or creating a customized birthday or holiday present for a loved one, crafting is a wonderful activity to engage you both physically and mentally. Getting involved in creative tasks helps keep your mind busy, while engaging the creative side of your mind. This can include creating a collage or scrapbook of old photos, slowly finishing a knitting project, or painting something beautiful that reminds you of a specific memory or moment in your life that gave you immense joy. Engaging in crafts, like a puzzle, can remind you of the benefits that time and effort can bring when it comes to completing certain activities, as well as the mental stimulation that comes with a variety of crafting activities that engages your creative side.

Though you may be limited with your physical capabilities, you can still engage both your mind and your body through a variety of activities. Through getting some fresh air, solving a puzzle, engaging in crafts, or simply telling a story, there are plenty of ways to keep you engaged as you become less independent in your life.
Through the CDPAP program, your personal assistant is someone you know and trust. They understand your limits and expectations, but also serve as a companion to help you gain enjoyment in doing the simple things of life. To learn more about the CDPAP program and what it can do for you, visit our website or contact us today!